You have an important event to attend and you want to make it memorable. A wedding, a birthday, an interview, whatever the occasion we make sure you go out looking your best and feeling your most confident. We help you decide on that perfect dress, the bag to go with it, the shoes, the hair, the makeup right down to the nail paint on your perfectly manicured digits.

Have a wardrobe that is bursting to the seam and yet nothing to wear? Need some help organizing your wardrobe?
The key to always looking stylish is a well edited and well organized wardrobe.
We can help go through every piece in your wardrobe and together, decide what to keep and what to donate. We can evaluate and establish what suits you and what does not. We will also help you look at some key pieces in a new refreshing way, so that you can pair and wear with style.

If you need to source something, we take the online shopping portals and malls by storm looking for items that fit your requirements. We shortlist a few items that we think you might like and then  help you make the final decision.

If you are short on time, patience, ideas or are bound by location constraints, we could help you source that perfect gift for your loved one. We take over your pain so that gift giving becomes the joyful exercise it is meant to be. If you are an overseas bride and would like us to source something Indian for you, we would be delighted to be a part of your wedding preparations.